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Writing Samples

Below are some of my writing samples. Browse them and click on the ones that you're interested in. Each sample is available in a PDF; please follow the Read more link for each sample, or click on the sample's title.

Articulating Technical Communicators’ Value to Employers

This is the academic progression paper I submitted to the Society for Technical Communication as part of their Summit 2014 in Phoenix, Arizona. I focused on four principles both novice and technical communicators can use to prove how valuable they are to their employers. I combined the four principles from Robert Reich’s 1991 book The Work of Nations with aspects of to prove them in action. This paper gave way to a roundtable presentation I gave at the summit on May 20, 2014. This paper gives technical communicators a case study of how iFixit uses the four principles to show how it is an advocate for users and individuals can use the strategies to prove themselves as a valuable asset to their employers.

The Final Road: New Horizons Closes in on Former Planet Pluto

In late 2013, I wrote about the NASA spacecraft New Horizons making its final journey to the dwarf planet Pluto. I focused on how its instruments can be used to prove that Pluto is, in fact, not a planet, despite protestations from the public and the scientific community. Here, I wrote for an interested, but not attentive audience. I wrote this article as if it would appear in Popular Science or some other scientifically-oriented magazine. This gives interested readers a chance to learn about complex system, the spacecraft, and how its instruments can be used to finally prove that Pluto is not a planet.


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