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English Clearinghouse Prototype Website Final Usability Report

I wrote this usability report in late 2014. It includes the test plan, personas, heuristic evaluations, and results of the usability test I performed for the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth's English department's Job Clearinghouse website prototype, developed from May to September 2014. I included various appendices to the report to show the forms for test I administered, including questionnaires, product reaction words, and agreements to be recorded. I observed how users interact with technology and what their reactions are to a website that's still in a prototype stage. I found their reactions to be invaluable in determining what users expect from a webpage and how they react to a piece of technology that was above their abilities to use it.

This report helped the head of the English department and the university's IT department see the benefits of having a dedicated web portal for English and Professional Writing students, and that it is a feasible project for replacing a more rudimentary and restrictive wiki.

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