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InterChange 2018 Conference

I was the coordinator for STC New England's InterChange 2018 Conference in Lowell, Massachusetts. In my role, I had to propose a budget and venue to the Chapter Council, recruit and manage volunteers who did work on specific aspects of the conference (i.e. sponsorship, marketing, materials and collateral, and speaker management). I scheduled meetings with the volunteers and checked in on them to see if they needed help. I also served as an evaluator of potential speakers and their presentations.

The conference was held over two days in Lowell, Massachusetts. It featured 20 speakers, 24 speaking sessions, and was attended by 46 people. This conference was instrumental in teaching me how to manage a project and a team.

The program below was designed by UMass Dartmouth graduate student Alyse Peak, who used the InterChange 2015 program as a guideline.

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